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What items are restricted?

  • Automotive waste

    • Batteries, oil, fuels, and solvents.

  • House Hold items

    • Paints, lacquers, refrigerants, large appliances, inks and resins.

  • Others

    • Asbestos, pesticides, contaminated soils, adhesives, solvents, industrial drums and railroad ties

What can I put in a dumpster?

  • Recyclable Material / Green Waste

  • Construction Debris

  • Concrete

  • Gravel / Rocks

  • Dirt / Sod

  • Siding

  • Roofing / Shingles

  • Drywall

  • Wood / Tree Debris

  • Furniture / Household Items

  • Cardboard / Paper

  • Scrap Metal

What does the price quote include?

  • Included:

    • Delivery

    • Pick-up

    • Dump Fees

    • 7 day rental​ (or agreed to time)

  • Not included:

    • Extended Area Fee (more than 15miles outside of Tulsa city limits incurs mileage)

    • Fees to dispose of prohibited items

    • Fees if date is changed on the day of pick-up/delivery

    • Weight overage costs

    • Driver fee if bin cannot be picked up or delivered

    • Cost of misc items such as mattresses ( $10/ea) or tires ($12/ea) due to special dump fees

What can Patriot haul for me?

  • Gravel / Rocks

  • Sod

  • Construction Materials

  • Equipment (ex. Skid-steer Loader)

  • General debris

Special "per load" pricing applies; contact for exact quote

How full can I fill the dumpster?

  • General waste items can fill to the top

  • Heavier Construction debris should be below the fill line

  • Customer will be invoiced for excess weight at $45/ton

  • If material exceeds limits the customer will be required to remove excess material.  If the customer is not available the dumpster will be left and the customer will be charged for a second collection trip.

What if something changes during the project?

  • If you determine in the middle of a project that the dumspter is too small you will need to call and rent an additional dumpster 

    • an additional pick-up/drop off in the same rental time period is considered a separate rental

  • If you need additional rental time typically with at least 24hr notice we can accomodate.

    • Extended time is charged daily ($5/day) unless a standard rental period is agreed too in advance

    • For changes made on the scheduled pick-up day additional extension fees could apply

  • If the order is cancelled at least 24hrs in advance there is no cancellation fee unless paid for with credit card in which a 5% fee will apply.

  • If the location changes or you need an time extension if we are contacted 24hr hours in advance we should be able to accommodate​

  • If the driver shows up to pick up or delivery and you are not ready there is a $100 charge

Where can I place the dumpster?

  • Dumpster is typically put into a driveway or yard but may be placed in the street however:

    • Patriot Dumpster Rental is not responsible for obtaining any permits to do so​

    • We are not liable if the city or county imposes fines or requests the bin be moved ($100 relocation fee will apply for the drive to come out and move)

  • Recommended that the space provided be double the length and height for clearance

  • It is suggested that the dumpster be placed on a piece of plywood to help protect the surface (especially if on dirt)

  • Patriot Dumpster Rental is not responsible for damage on pavement, driveways, ground, etc.

    • It is the customers responsibility to affirm that the location they have selected is sound for dumpster weight​

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